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Step By Startling Step by Tong Hua

A time-traveling love and an extremely disturbing romance drama. Originally being a female student from a bustling metropolis, she traveled through a space-time tunnel because her foot stepped on air. She entered the unstable and craftily-changing imperial court while having a clear understanding of the history of the Qing Dynasty. She knew that she personally should not get involved in the middle of the struggle of the nine kings competing to inherit the royal title, but her heart could not help itself, because this place had people she actually loved, and it also had people who loved her……

• Prologue: Prologue
• Part 01: Chapter 01

This story has about eight chapters already translated by these people here, but they don’t have any contact information on their website and their last translation was in November 7th, 2011, so we’re tentatively picking this back up and translating everything from the beginning.

Give Me Up, Hold Me Tight by Su Jingchu

This is the novel that shares the same name as the annual fashion romance drama《Stay With Me》, starring Joe Chen, Wang Kai, and Qiao Renliang.

There are many different wedding dress designs. Princess-style, fishtail-style, strapless-style……

There are also many different kinds of love. Romantic, heart-pounding, sad……

On this Earth, the most beautiful wedding dress is the one when I marry you. That love that’s the best on this Earth that you wear is that which I still tightly hold in my palm after I gave everything up.


Once she unexpectedly drowned, part of her brain lacked oxygen for a long time, making the famous clothing designer Li Weiwei lose parts of her memory. Thus, her memories stopped at when she was 23 years old. The boyfriend who she was mutually passionately in love with in her memories had unexpectedly become her rival, and a stranger even became her fiancé. Li Weiwei wasn’t convinced that she would break up with her ex-boyfriend Chen Yidu, so she tried hard to to investigate previous events. In order to protect Weiwei and get his own fiancée back, her fiancé thwarted Weiwei’s investigations by every possible means, keeping watch over her surroundings. Li Weiwei recalled the past and discovered that she and the person beside her had gradually forgotten their first dream while they were busying themselves. The reason that Weiwei and Chen Yidu broke up was also because as the two of them were in the middle of the process of chasing after their occupations, they neglected their love and their bond and walked even farther down the path of grudges and misunderstandings. Chen Yidu misunderstood the relationship between Weiwei and his parent and broke up with her in the end. The 30-year-old Li Weiwei decided to change her current situation, and step by step, she untangled past misunderstandings and forgot her previous differences with her rival, not only retrieving her romance, but also regaining her first heart and her dreams.

• Part 01: Chapter 01: “Li Weiwei basically doesn’t have a heart! She’ll never love you!”

As you can see from the summary, this story has a drama adaptation that you can watch over here!

The Millennium After Dying Young by Shi Qi (Seventeen)

I originally believed that I had time traveled conventionally. In the end, I discovered that I had only switched professions.

Even though the job appeared to be very pleasant, in reality, it was excessively tedious work. Ghost messengers wandered among every dynasty and guarded against lonely and wild spirits that would harm the human realm. It sounded and looked like it was an important job.

And among ten million dead spirits, the reason I was chosen to become a ghost messenger was only four words. While I was alive, I really “knew where I stood” as I worked at a job for ten years.

Nowadays, that was also enough to be an advantage. I had been told very seriously that this was absolutely an advantage.

Because ghost messengers had already become the occupation with the highest job changing rate in Hell.


• Chapter 001: Entering Hell for the First Time — A youth never expected that their life would quickly end like this.

Apparently this is a really fun romance!

The Demon’s Unobtainable Kiss by Liunian Zhibishi (Knowing that Horoscope)

Under a demon’s contract that lasted for 30 days, Liang Canlan officially began the painful life that was forced onto her. On the first day of school, she had been forcefully kissed by a member of a heavenly group. Soon after that, she was also suddenly signed on by a management company. Even still, she was arranged to live together with five idol celebrities! These are the hot-blooded youthful records of an unsophisticated girl’s counterattack! Watch as she is about to somehow turn around Heaven and Earth, recapture men’s hearts, and stand at the world’s summit!

• Chapter 001: The Best Emperor

The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother by Bao Dian (Canonical Text)

In novels with a stud, there’s always a Senior Martial Brother like this:

In the early stages of the novel, his innate talent was high, his cultivation was good, his appearance was handsome, and he also had an intelligent, cute, and young Martial Sister as a fiancée.

In the middle stages of the novel, he was caught unprepared and defeated by a young disciple in the sect who was hardly remarkable at all. From then on, he fell from his godly altar and lost his brilliance. Even his young Martial Sister married someone else.

In the late stages of the novel, he incessantly turned dark, going onto the Demonic Path and becoming a major villainous boss. However, either a protagonist still ruthlessly defeated him, he was eternally sealed, or he lost his soul.

And once Qin Mo opened his eyes, he just discovered that he had become this Senior Martial Brother.

• Chapter 001: Transmigration

It’s a BL novel that looks kind of fun based off of the summary, so I’ll be giving it a try!

I Don’t Dare to Oppose a Protagonist Anymore by Jiu Pin (Level Nine)

Lin Xiao was addicted to reading Qidian novels. He always fantasized that he would have a day when he could transmigrate and then embrace beautiful women all over the whole world, becoming the strongest person in the mainland.

After he really transmigrated, Lin Xiao stubbornly always believed that he was a protagonist until he met Ling Luo.

Only after being killed by Ling Luo did he know that he was only a cannon fodder villain in a novel.

When he restarted his life and hatefully wanted to oppose his fate at least once, he was ruthlessly crushed again.

Okay then… since a protagonist was determined to be like this, he wouldn’t oppose a protagonist anymore…

The two of them were similarly straight guys…

When he restarted his life again, Ling Luo unexpectedly suffered an Love Herb’s poison…

Lin Xiao internally cried as he looked at a certain person who tied him onto an obelisk in the back and thought, who could tell him what this was all about?

• Chapter 01: I’m a Villain

Another teaser for the fun of it!

Captivated by You by Gui Yu (Going Fishing)

Secretly Captivated was a somewhat annoyingly low-profile Internet CV. In all of his life, he had only dubbed in two radio dramas, yet he stably sat on his throne of the number one CV in the Internet dubbing circle.

He was romantic, gorgeous, charming, and touching. When he spoke, you would think that he was looking at you with a somewhat smiling expression in his eyes that made you hold your breath.

Would you fall in love with a person because of his voice, regardless of his appearance, age, or family background? Would you fall in love with this person without the slightest hesitation solely because of his voice?

If you asked Mo Lan questions like these, she would definitely say she would while nodding her head without the slightest hesitation.

Mo Lan believed that the first time she met Gu Yemi was on the high-speed railway that was driving towards Hangzhou, when she had kindly reminded him that the railway train already reached the station. However, the first time Gu Yemi met her was actually very late at night in a train on Line 2 of the Nanjing Subway.

Afterwards, the Internet dubber CV Secretly Captivated who had already mysteriously hid away for three years announced that he would begin acting in new projects and became active in the Internet dubbing circle again. And after that, he announced that henceforth, he would withdraw from the circle again.

Actually, the fact that Gu Yemi only briefly retired in order to find that girl who made a smiling expression from the corners of her eyes to the tips of her eyebrows when talking about him was probably not even known by Mo Lan. Afterwards, he told her that in the second half of his life, he only wanted to be captivated by her. With these sincere words, he offered to give me his only and eternal life in the Internet dubbing circle.

• Prologue: I Prepared to Meet You Occasionally

This story is similar to Gu Man’s Really Really Miss You, which is translated over here.

The Transmigrated Cannon Fodder’s Villain Rehabilitation Plan by Sha Xiaowan (Kill the Small Pill)

In short summary:

This is just a tragic story about a saintly transmigrated cannon fodder character who wanted to rehabilitate and cleanse the villain until he was pure. However, in the end, he found that he became more and more villainous.

A melodramatic summary:

Rehabilitating the villain was unbearable, and when he had to compensate with himself, the bitterly pressured straight male reader expressed that he had better run off onto the road……

After very many years had passed, the bitterly-pressured saint touched his neck. “You gave this one a dog collar to wear?”

The gorgeous great villain glanced over with his phoenix-like eyes, and he smiled wickedly and charmingly. “That’s to prevent you from running again.”

“If this one doesn’t randomly run off, you absolutely won’t destroy the world?”

• Volume 02: Chapter 01
• Volume 02: Chapter 02

You can find the entirety of Volume One over here and the rest of Volume Two over here.

There Will Always be Protagonists with Delusions of Starting a Harem by Buhui Xiaqi (Don’t Know How to Play Chess)

Suddenly, the unmarried twenty-year-old Ye Zhizhou had many more relatives, yet it was too late for him to clearly understand the circumstances as he nearly died in a car accident. After that, he somehow managed to survive and was even forcibly bound to a Salvation System.

How is it salvation?
Harems destroy worlds! Preventing a harem will save them!
. . . .

Ok, prevent harems. After seeing the entire system introduction, the corners of Ye Zhizhou’s mouth twitched. In order to return home safely, he decisively began his risky journey—he’d just treat it as if he was playing a large-scale strategy game.

Since then, the people the protagonist would rescue, he rescued first.The businesses the protagonist would make, he made first. The little brother the protagonist would take in, he took in first. The cliff the protagonist would jump off of, he jumped off of first. The gay sex the protagonist would have, he’d have. . . . Wait wait, can’t do this one, change it, let me change it.

???: No, you can do this one.

Ye Zhizhou (alarmed): Who’s speaking?

???: Your husband.

Ye Zhizhou: . . . .

#every world has a man who insists on dragging me to go have gay sex, what do I do, waiting online for an answer, urgent

#[scared] it’s the same guy in every world, how do i get away, waiting online for an answer, hurry hurry hurry!


1. The protagonist has a golden finger, swoosh swoosh swoosh, swish swish swish.

2. The person to attack is always the same.

3. The author is uncreative and has sketchy wisdom, so some world backgrounds and settings may be unfounded. Please don’t be too nitpicky!

4. This is not a harem, it’s one couple! Definitely only one couple! The uke and the seme will be together! Everyone mustn’t misunderstand!

5. I refuse to pull down my announcement =3=

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• Chapter 001: My Tyrannical Brother-in-Law is in Love with Me

BL, transmigration. It has been said that this story is similar to Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil which is translated over here, but it personally feels like the two stories are pretty different, aside from the fact that the MC travels to other worlds and probably meets his soul mate somewhere in that process.

Someone has technically picked this up already, but I did promise to do three chapters before, so I will be releasing the first 3 chapters only. – mandarin

You can find the picked up version here.