Mainly, we translate whatever we think would be fun to read. What that means is we’re mostly doing teasers. : P


Hi, Rin here. I mainly translate with the help of a dictionary (characters, orz) and interrogating relatively fluent Chinese people! I’m still really inexperienced, so please say something  if I mess up really badly! >o<

School likes killing me. ;w;


School likes killing me too, but my method of procrastination is translating, sooo for the most part, there’s only my short attention span to blame, lol. I’m usually called Komo in other places!

Nanfengmiju (aka Jaon)」

I was told I must become an orange to be here. I’d like to thank Wikipedia for my name. If you have no idea what it is, don’t worry. Me neither.

Just know that you can go yell at me if you find fault with any bad translations or English on this site. Or just curse at the other oranges. That’s probably easier since you’d know what they are anyways. Besides, sometimes, it’s just not up to me to fix bad taste. If you’re curious about what I actually do, you can check out this weird place.

Hamlin (aka Ame)」



This is Hamlin. Being called Ham is weird, so if you need a nickname, use Lin. I also respond to the name Ame, but that’s not my alias here, so get over it. Then again, people who don’t read this will probably just assume I’m Ame. Welp, what can you do.

Anyways, I joined as a graphical editor/advisor for some or another.

For the most part I’m just kinda here to do absolutely nothing~ \( ̄▽ ̄)/
Hurray for the freeloader life!



My name is Valencia. I’m not exactly important, so don’t worry about me. I’m a moderator for the discord server here: If you need me for anything feel free to ping me. You’re free to call me what you like. Pira is my actual username on discord though…

As long as you don’t break the rules of the server, we will have no problems. I look forward to working with you.

Queen (aka Kiseki)」

Bow down to your Queen~~~ <3

JK! (Well… that’s debatable)

Hello, hello. Kiseki here! I’m a translator over at Radiant Translations, and lovely Mandarin began translating a novel I’ve been keeping my eye on. Naturally, I would offer to help TLC and edit. Check out the novel! :smile: It’s one of my favorites, especially since it’s such a sweet mmorpg romantic comedy novel.

If any of you are curious, I translate Zither Emperor by Tang Jia San Shao and Unrepentant by Ze Mu over at Radiant.

Juzi (Wys)」

Hello. I am Juzi. I translated jap and chinese stuff under the name shadowys in Baka Tsuki. I love Ice and Ice loves me.


heyo I’m marrs v.v I’m a n00b translator, so please let me know about any mistakes/things that don’t flow well. I’ll do my best to improve myself. relatively speaking, I like space, hence my orange name… I’m not sure what else to put here (=v=)||| hope that everyone is doing well and can enjoy the things that OTL translates!! byeeee //waves off into the distance…

Navel (aka Vexed)」

I’m just a belly button. Love me for my translations not for my outtie.
I also translate a VR over at SnowyCodex called Thriller Paradise as Vexed.

Satsuma (aka Bella)」

She’s an orange, he’s an orange, we’re all forced to be oranges!!! welp…

Hai~! Im Satsu~ your 10th Orange and new editor for Trillion~ pause for applause and confetti I double as an editor in Radiant Translations for BF and mainly MCIF. I am also from Discord, where Mandarin poached me from (along with a few others cough cough).

Send me a shoutout if you catch this human (debateable) with the username of Beira, even though everyone calls me Bella… beware, I might hug you if I like you. Mew~ <3 <3 <3

Tangerine (aka Lonering)」

Hi, I be Tangerine. I’ll be helping out by TLC-ing these lovely oranges and things they throw at me~ Why? Because I like both them and the stories, and it’s fun to help! I also enjoy karaoke and weapons~ <3

I’m known as Lonering in GravityTales if anyone reads from there. Currently I translate The Trembling World (TTW (rip TTW)) under Thug’s (xDh20) wing, buuuuut I may or may not be doing my own one eventually this year! ;D

Obviously, call me Tangerine (or Tango) here and enjoy your stay~


“Clowns hate tangelos. Messes with their equilibrium.”

Calamansi Ensj

Hi, I am ensj. You might have seen me at or wuxiaworld, reading something like King Shura, Invisible Dragon, or I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World. Right now I’m just translating really short one page stories for the folks over at orange translations to share, because these are fun little things and I really like sharing random things.